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The roots of the Romanian clothing creativity dates back to 106-271 AD, during the domination of the Roman Empire in the province of Dacia. From then, the local manufacturers embraced the spirit of the various epochs, by redesigning the fashion trends in their own cultural interpretation, creating a unified sartorial vision as a country, but still holding tight to their regional preferences and fashion beliefs.

It wasn’t until the mid-1960's that Romania elevated itself into a major player in the textile & clothing industry. Nowadays, the Romanian manufacturers have extended and upgraded most of their production capacities, financing their businesses using EU grants, being able to deliver quick, smart and complex series of clothes at very advantageous prices.

The Romanian Clothing Manufacturers (or simply RCM) project brings the best of them into a collaborative endeavor aiming to promote the East-European potential to raise and nurture amazing manufacturing capacities that can deliver outstanding quality apparel items. The project is managed by a dedicated and experienced team of professionals whose core belief is that outsourcing one's production to an another country needs to be met by a complete integrated package of services. Romanian Clothing Manufacturers simplifies outsourcing by gathering everything needed in a single place.


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